Tuesday, August 6, 2019

My books to date.

3D Modelling

My second offering may seem a little odd
considering the subject of the first unless you
know me.

I’ve dabbled in computers since the ZX81, and I
decided to grow old disgracefully by keeping up
with all, that’s new, instead of telling stories to
my grandchildren about how much better it was
when I was a boy.

If you have even the slightest interest in learning
something very quickly that will make you look
cool, then this is for you. This introduction to
making your own 3D models to spam your
facebook with!

As all my books will be, it is available as an
e-book, and in paperback, and you can find
them here;



My first book, ok, a little bit of a strange subject,
but one close to my heart. 

I’ve kept pet snails (yes, you heard that right)
for a long time now, and sharing what I have
learnt, and quite a lot of research, I decided to
write this book so that it would all be available
in one concise snaily Bible.

It is available as an e-book from Amazon and
can be read on a Kindle Fire, Tablet,
PC (Kindle app), and various other platforms.

You can find the e-book right here;

You can find the paperback here;

It do believe it also has an entry on GoodReads
right here - Good Reads -

I do intend to write a follow up of this one for the
Helix Pomatia, and maybe even the Grove Snail.

We shall see.