Sunday, November 1, 2020


 So, I was asked to model a new chest for the Elder Scroll III: Morrowind recently. The challenge was that it had to be super low-poly, no extra maps, no PBR, and no decent in-game lighting.

I made the model in Wings3D and then UV mapped it. I then used Substance Painter to add the texture maps as usual, but this time I couldn't use PBR! A challenge, yes, impossible? No.

Exporting the textures as a flat 2D single texture with the lighting effects removed game me quite a decent result, see for yourself;

Thursday, October 29, 2020


 If you ever wondered what this strangely named item was called, well, now you know.

Used for horse training by jousters in medieval times. It was also used by foot soldiers for practice, and later it was played from boats as a game on the river Thames (England).

You can find this 3D Model here on CGTrader

A sandbag or other heavy item was hooked to one side and a shield, wooden board etc on the other. The object was to hit the wooden board with a jousting pole.

The counterweight would give the hit some feeling and prevent it from spinning out of control.

Great video below gives an example of the quintain in use;

Model and DIY?

I was asked today to model an Inkle Loom, as I had never heard of it (but didn't let on), I had to google it.

I not only came across several places actually still selling this medieval "belt maker", but I also found a Youtube video of a simple DIY project to make your own!

The "Inkle loom" was patented in the 1930s but...I found references to the same tabletop weaving "machine" dating back to Ancient Rome and Persia. Way to steal an existing item, Mr Gilmore.

I will stick to just making the 3D version, but if you really want to make one of these for fun I will post the video below.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Castle Tower

 I can't deny it, I always loved medieval stuff and always end up returning to it. Even if it is only a quick model here and there.

Available on CGTrader - This link opens a new window.

Medieval Tower with stone Dragon motif

Low-poly, Game-ready, PBR, AR/ VR.

Textures; 2048 x 2048, 8-pixel padding, dilation + single background colour, OpenGL

Unity, Unreal Engine 4, Android and Google Friendly.

2 x texture sets available as separate zip files

PBR metal-rough & Unreal Engine (Packed)

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Welsh Dragon

 Because...who wouldn't want their own 3D Printable Welsh dragon flag?

Can be found here on CGTrader

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